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Oct 29, 2013

Beat Time this Saturday at Port Huron's Roche Bar

     Join Franck, Benny and yours truly at the Roche Bar, located at 405 Quay St. in downtown Port Huron, this Saturday for an evening of all kinds of boss tunes, bad ass jams and totally groovin' tunes. They roll the clocks back an hour so there's an extra hour of rockin', drinkin' and carousing too.

Oct 22, 2013

Gettin' Down Halloween Style at Port Huron's Roche Bar

I will be one spinning the records with loud & actual guitars at the annual Halloween soiree in the first city on Lake Huron southeastern shoreline this Saturday night.

Sep 6, 2013

Friday Night Crate Dig at Port Huron's Roche Bar

     Well, since everybody went nuts and filled the floor over and over again when Franck and I went digging deep into our record collections dropping raw funk, deep soul, true ska, trashy punk and straight up raunchy rock-n-roll at the Roche Bar in Downtown Port Huron-We're gonna do it again tonight!

More details here.

Aug 31, 2013

Saturday Night Crate Dig at the Roche Bar

     Shakers, Groovers and Movers courtesy of yours truly and Franck at the Roche Bar in Downtown Port Huron TONIGHT!!!

Event page thingy can be found here.

Jun 26, 2013

July 27th: The Mud City Manglers Crank It Up at Port Huron's Roche Bar

     Saturday, July 27th at the Roche Bar! It's Pittsburgh's beer swilling, Marshall amp cranking, motorbike revving, cussing and swearing purveyors of bad ass rockin' The Mud City Manglers will be crawling from the gutter and rockin' the murky river banks of downtown Port Huron!
      Along for the noisy ride are the Failures which is Al and Sal of local bad attitude and butt kicking rockers Smackmadam's new band.
      Detroit's Axe Ripper will be coming up to tear the city down too.
      Maybe even some punk rock records spun between sets by yours truly and whoever else I can get to drop a needle on some records.
Yeah, Yeah! Here's a Facebook Event Page too.

Apr 26, 2013

May 4th, 2013 at Port Huron's Roche Bar: "Punk Rock from the West Coast (of Michigan)"

     Kalamazoo's mighty No Bails are bringing their groovin' sludge to the Roche Bar on Saturday May 4th. Powered by cheap pizza, cheaper beer, punk rock records of the Aussie kind (think Cosmic Psychos, feedtime and et cetera) and getting the wrong impression from ABC After School Specials-this trio will rumble your guts.
     Along for the ride from the land of Bell's beer and Broncos are the wild, wiggly and woozy hyperactivity that is Terror!...Terror!...Oh My! 

Check out a tune from No Bails here.
Get an earful of Terror!...Terror!...Oh My by clicking here.

Yours truly along with some special guests will most likely be spinning tunes before between and after the bands too.

Facebook event thingy here.

Nov 14, 2012

Wednesday Photo by Dale: Bloodshot Bill at the Roche in Port Huron 10/20/12

     It's been a good long while since I declared myself "so over the one man band thing." Though some of their individual set ups maybe in interesting and I am not one to know clever ingenuity there have been so many for so many years now where they seem all seem to blur together. A little bit of of country and a little bit of rock-n-roll.  
     "Yeah, sure dude. I like dig the sound too but you all are starting to sound the same. Someone has gotta kick it in the face and make it sound all battered, bloody and LOUD y'know. Wearing overalls and straw hat does not equate that. And all stop doing the same damn Johnny Cash cover too" is what I want to tell most of them (though I know they probably wouldn't listen as I have a rep for being a not easily entertained smart ass when it comes to getting out of the house, going on down to the bar, spending money on beer and watching a band).
     It seems that Montreal, Quebec's Bloodshot Bill may think the same thing!

     Save for one track I had heard in passing by the Tandoori Nights, a project was in with King Khan, I wasn't really familiar with any of Bloodshot Bill's music. Joining him and area boozy bluesy blues cat, Dale Beavers, for a bite to eat at Port Huron's Fuel Woodfire Grill the afternoon of the show, still didn't give me a hint as to what was in store for the evening either. Bill was soft spoken, personable and usually smiling. Not to forget to mention he has great hair too.

     When a barefooted Bloodshot Bill sat down at his kit, a potted plant pilfered from the outdoor smoking area behind the Roche to hold it in place, plugged in his guitar and greeted the people, some dressed in Zombie gear as it was Port Huron's annual Zombie Pub Crawl that evening, I still wasn't expecting much other than some rote Rock-a-Billy riffs and songs about '57 Chevy's with Dodge motors in them (Heh, That particular tale being another story for another day though).
     I learned that my expectations were way off!

    Within moments of starting his set his hair was flying and sweat was dripping. Hootin' and Hollering! Bashin' and Bangin'! Sure it was that 50's based thing but it was like the 50's if the aliens actually did invade and blobs of nuclear mutations were terrorizing random generic Midwestern towns and only the wild-eyed and crazy would survive.
Bill wailed like Gene, grunted like Hasil and sounded as lecherous as Lux! Sometimes all in the same breath!
     People danced. People fell down. People had a good time. Rock-n-roll in this small town I call home can sure be a blast and this was one of them. Bloodshot Bill may have not sold me on diving back into the miles and miles of One Man Band projects that flood the internet and the dive bars of this country-but I will never doubt his prowess of knocking the crap out it and making it spit fireballs.

Oct 3, 2012

Wednesday Photo by Dale: People's Temple and the Eroders at the Roche in Port Huron 9/29/12

     Lansing, Michigan's People's Temple were at the end of their US tour. It was suppose to end in Chicago but I had been wanted the band consisting of two set of brothers to come to rock the city I live in, Port Huron, Michigan, for a couple years now. Every time we thought we had a night would work something on either my end or there's always ended putting the kibosh on it. Finally the stars aligned and, DAMN, what a doozy of a show. Being on the road playing every night for a few makes meant the band were tight as all get out. They played for they're sometimes punky, occasionally folky, usually garage psychedelic garage rock-n-roll sounds around an hour and a half and played every song in their canon (and then some...the crowd made them play "Louie, Louie". They said they didn't really know how to play it but we didn't care.)

     Opening the show were the Eroders, featuring Josh and Blake of the excellent modish/punkish band Instant Party, out of Detroit. Playing quick blasts of teenage thrash and caveboy trash inflected punk rock they got the evening off on the right foot.

Find out more about People's Temple here. Check out more info on the Eroders at this spot.     

Jan 9, 2012

Chocolate Robots, Instant Party and Dorothy's Hazarai at the Roche

      The Chocolate Robots (see S/T's review of their latest album here) haul their noisemakers across the Blue Water Bridge to entertain the people on Saturday January, 28th at the Roche Bar at 405 Quay Street in downtown Port Huron. Also on the bill the distorted destructo-pop grooves of Detroit's Instant Party and blues/folk-rock in a pressure cooker sounds of Sarnia's Dorothy's Hazarai. Yours truly along with Franck Nowak (and possibly some others) will be spinning records between bands. No cover, 21 & over and the show starts around 10pm. Hope to see ya there.

Nov 23, 2011

Wednesday Photo by Dale: M.O.T.O at the Roche

      I'm pretty sure to most readers of this Smashin' Transistors thing that M.O.T.O. aka Mr. Paul Caporino needs no introduction. If he does though I believe his Wikipedia page will fill in all the blanks. It's rare that this sleepy city has a bona fide genius of a pop song writer (who's songs never get played on "pop" radio or covered by so called "pop stars") but in June of this year we had one when Paul and his drummer rocked the Roche Bar. He treated the crowd to over two hours of his classics, dropped a bunch of one liners are flirted with all the girls in the crowd. He would've played even more but the last call lights got switched on. Everyone went home with smiles on their faces and a sway in their hips.

Nov 16, 2011

Wednesday Photo By Dale: The Overnight Lows

Though I am no pro I've been taking pictures for a lot of years now. A lot of them have been lost due to many moves I made over the years, some have been given to friends and family, others tossed away and a whole bunch sitting in boxes where one day I will eventually go through them.
     Some are of the bands and other thing things that have I've traveled to see, others of bands that have traveled through this little hamlet to rock out and some are of things in this little hamlet itself. The last couple of years I've been sharing some of the ones I took of a more recent vintage with my Facebook pals. Family and friends (both of the real and cyberspace world) have suggested that I should let a more general audience have a peek at some of them and not just the pictures of beer of have shot.
     Finally, I have decided "Hmmmm. you know what? They are right" so each Wednesday from now to who knows when I will share SOME of them with the Smashin' Transistors readers (too see all of them you'll have to make it through the maze that is finding them on my personal Facebook page. I wish you luck with that. I suppose if you find me there and make a friend's request I may oblige.)

     The first installment series is of Jackson, Mississippi band the Overnight Lows. In 2010 they released the very rockin' album "The City Of Rotten Eyes" and in early 2011 embarked on a US tour. They needed help filling a night up here Michigan way and I gladly obliged them with an evening at the Roche Bar here in Port Huron. Here's some moments my camera caught (click the pics to see them larger).


One thing a bunch of us take seriously in this town is our homestate pride for the beer that is made here. Marsh and Daphne Overnight Lows were interested in trying some. Here the two make a toast with some Shorts brewing company stuff. Daphne has the Soft Parade and I believe Marsh is having a Pandemonium if my memory serves correctly.

More info the Overnight Lows can be found at Goner Records and the band's Facebook page.

Jul 5, 2011

The Hussy, No Bails and Sros Lords-Saturday, August 6th at Roche Bar in Port Huron

The Hussy-A two piece rock-n-roll band from Wisconsin that you can both drink and dance to.

Featuring Dutch from the Menthols and Mr & Mrs UFO Dictator-No Bails like beer and punk rock.

The Sros Lords claim they're from Detroit but sound like they are from outer space.

I'll most likely be spinning records between bands too. Things start around 10pm or so. The Roche Bar is located at 405 Quay St in downtown Port Huron, Michigan.

Here's the Facebook event page thingy too.

Jun 10, 2011

Thursday, June 30th-M.O.T.O. and the 7th Day Creeps at the Roche Bar in Port Huron

Punk pop (not pop-punk.There IS a difference) legends M.O.T.O. and local monster rockers the 7th Day Creeps. Yours truly, Dale Merrill, will spinning rock-n-roll records before and between bands. Thursday, June 30th at the Roche Bar, 405 Quay St. in Downtown Port Huron, Michigan.

Apr 21, 2011

Fairweather Friends, Riverside Shakes and Speedy Greasy-Saturday, May 21st at the Roche Bar in Downtown Port Huron

Kicking off the summer month's in Rock-n-Roll style Smashin' Transistors proudly presents...

Milwaukee based The Fairweather Friends are Jordan of the Mystery Girls new band.

Speedy Greasy are a rock-n-roll band from Detroit.

The Riverside Shakes are one of Port Huron's favorite bands

Saturday, May 21st at the Roche Bar in downtown Port Huron.

Mar 7, 2011

OVERNIGHT LOWS (JACKSON, MS) and DALE BEAVERS at Port Huron's Roche Bar Sunday March 3rd

The manic punk-n-rock roll sounds of Goner Records recording artists the Overnight Lows and Dale Beavers deep blues stomp will be making a Sunday night in sleepy city of Port Huron go all nuts.

Sep 24, 2010

HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES "LIVE" at the Roche Bar in Port Huron Tuesday Oct 26th

Twisted and gnarled sound blasts of two guitars and two drummers from Algoma, Wisconsin (population 3,357).

Check this interview with them

Read a review of their album from a couple years back on Victim Of Time

Listen to some of their music here

Jul 22, 2010

The Sugar Stems Thursday July 29th at the Roche Bar in Port Huron

The Sugar Stems feature Drew of the LegHounds/Jetty Boys fame, Betsy and Stephanie of the Flips and JonE from bands such as the Catholic Boys, Teenage Rejects, Tuff Bananas etc. Check out more about them at their Myspace page.

Sort of a last minute show announcement here but it'll be a good one. Many thanks to Johnny and Suzie of the Roche Bar for always providing a place where band's doing their own music can play in this otherwise podunk town called Port Huron.

Jun 20, 2010

Gorevette, The Pleasure Kills and The McFlys-Saturday July 24th at the Roche Bar in Port Huron

Gorevette: Featuring the legendary Nikki Corvette and Amy of the Gore Gore Girls

From sunny California The Pleasure Kills play New Wave/Power Pop. Good times and dancing will happen!

Also on the bill-the Blue Water Area's best at "1!2!3!4! Fun Punk" The McFlys.

May 26, 2010

"ROCKIN' The Roche" June 11th in Port Huron

Sure, I've been part of dj's nights at the Roche Bar in downtown Port Huron for almost a year no but this is the first night we've done there where it's going to be EXCLUSIVELY ROCK-N-ROLL records. Join yours truly, Franck and very special guest Johnny Hentch (Yes, THAT Johnny Hentch of the Hentchmen fame) for an evening of tunes you can drink, dance and get rowdy to.