Nov 20, 2013

November 27th: Turntable Jives at the Port Huron's Roche Bar

     I normally pass on going out on Thanksgiving Eve. It's one of the busiest bar nights of the year which usually equals amateur night, herd mentality douchebags, drunks all over the roads and cops everywhere looking for those drunks. For me, these factors lead me to choose to be warm & toasty in my own digs and enjoy a tipple if a chose with people that I choose.
     Due to a change in my social & financial statuses (aka: getting divorced) though-I will be spinning my first Thanksgiving Eve set in who remembers how long it's been. It gives me a reason to kick out the jams for a bit as well as putting some much needed change in my pocket.
     Join me, Franck, Day-V and KVN for an Thanksgiving Eve of grooves, growlers, shakers and stompers at the Roche Bar located at 405 Quay St. in Downtown Port Huron.
Find out the more minute details here.

Nov 8, 2013

Saugatuck Brewing Company's Black Pearl Necklace

    Today is National Stout Day. Now that there is a chill in the air and some people have already got their Christmas lights and decorations up (even though it's only been a week since Halloween and we've still got 3 weeks before it's even Thanksgiving) stouts always seem appropriate so why not celebrate their dark, rich, maybe coffee, maybe chocolate goodness.
     I was about to head to the store to pick some sorta stout out, set on finding one that I had not tried before so I could tap out a few notes on it on the keyboard and then pass it off here as one of my beer "reviews." Then I remembered a month and a half or so ago I picked up one by the Saugatuck Brewing Company that had been sitting on a shelf in my fridge.
     An imperial stout aged in an oak bourbon barrel is always a fancy thing. This one reminds you of that by a bit of showboating with the wax seal. I mean, it's does give the bottle an air of sophistication which is nice when paying 15 bucks for a bottle of beer but also seems kinda silly when it is peeled all off to reveal not a cork but an every day bottle cap. I just want to get down to tasting the brew, not dealing with with some superfluous bells and whistles y'know.
     The beer pours darkand thick. No light getting through my glass at all. The two finger head is full and frothy with a color that resembles the top of a chocolate malted. Coffee and cocoa are the dominate scents backed up with a tartness of black cherry along with hints of vanilla and charred wood.
     On the front end there's a bit of a cola sweetness. A bit of bite and burn in it so that cola is a bit more like Coca-Cola in a can than a Pepsi out of a plastic bottle. That is followed by the tart sweetness that was detected in the aroma. I am still thinking black cherries along with a few raspberries and black berries thrown in for good measure. That gives way to a flavor of sweet malts, dark roasted coffee and chocolate powders.
     Nice and interesting but I after a couple of sips I really started to think to myself "where are the bourbon notes???"  After all, it was close to $20 bucks spent on this bottle and, dammit, it I want them.
     My cat was knocking at the window making his cat presence known that his furry cat ass wanted to come in because he has been outdoors for about an hour which, of course, builds up a huge cat hunger so I let him. My phone started ringing so I the call.
     All the while the beer was in the glass getting more time to breath. Taking a sip after getting back to it was "Ahhh, there's the bourbon aging thing now." Then ten or so minutes it spent getting some air really made a huge difference. Mossy oak, vanilla and coconut was now enveloping around the aforementioned flavors, tying it all together while still keeping the 8% abv very well hidden and giving the brew that little extra "oomph" it needed to make it home run.

Nov 6, 2013


     Seeking that particular record to wake up to in the morning and help rub the sleep out of your eyes? Well, keep looking.
     Seeking a record to wake up to in the morning and rolling over with the sleep still in your eyes to take a couple of bong hits then going back to sleep til well past noon having really seedy, monochromatic dreams all the while? Well, then you need Melbourne, Austraila based Satanic Rockers in your Stygian life.
     Sounding like Black Sabbath falling asleep, a 70's Saturday Morning Cartoon version drone metal and the most lackadaisical late 80's slacker rock dudes laying on a cold slab of cement quacked out on whatever pills he found while riffling through his mom's purse-the songs here start as a gurgle that turn into something festering.
     Beats that sound like they are rhythm box jacked from a broken down Wurlizter organ are buried deep in the mix of murky, grumbling guitars plugged into powered by 6 AA batteries amps do their damnedest to rumble like a lawnmower idling in the thunderstorm and squall like Canadian geese being strangled with barbed wire.
     Above those noises that may entertain the idea of reaching a mid tempo squirm before topping out and staying at a slug bait slither are dispassionate voice rambles off in a smart ass tone about being the hatred that permeates through small towns, homely siblings, boring jobs (and the jackass bosses that go with them) and the joys of war (or at least the thrill of blasting someone away with a machine gun).
      Dark humor and lost weekend booze bender doom chugging that serves as a perfect sound when thinking about getting revenge dealing with day to day dickheads.