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Aug 10, 2014

Odd Side Ale's Lucid Dreams Red Wine Barrel Aged Dubbel Ale

     In business for the last four years (and bottling a variety of their liquids for about the past two) Grand Haven's Odd Side Ales has become one of the fastest growing breweries in the state of Michigan. With the amount of beermakers there are in the Mitten now (and, it seems, a new one opening up every week) and, that Odd Side's distribution is currently kept only within state lines, they must be doing something right.
     Aged in red wine barrels, this Dubbel style ale pours a hazy firebrick red in color with a two finger fizzy, bubbly head that melts into consistent ring that hangs through the rest of it's session. The smell of fermented grapes are obvious when giving it whiff followed by currants, a dash of black pepper, some toast, vanilla and a slight nudge of oak.
     Buttery and candied malts that are common in the Dubbel style come out in the front and back of the initial sip. What those flavors surround though, such as tart cherries, a medium tannic that is found in a lot of Merlot's along with a dash of tobacco and some light pepper notes, give this creamy but quite lively to the feel brew a curveball of complexities that makes it individual and unique. The barrel aged factor of it is somewhat muted all the way through save for the when it drifts it way in at the finish amongst a blend of farmhouse ale funkiness, red wine astringents and Dubbel sweet notes in the finish.
     If you know of someone who claims to be just a wine drinker that has a tendency to turn it's nose up to beer of any kind this may be the kind of thing that changes their mind and open them up to the many different offerings, ideas and interesting things the brewmasters of this country (and especially this state) are up. It's ain't no soda pop tasting wine cooler (or whatever those bright colored "malt beverages are suppose to be.) It also goes well equally with something to sip after doing yard work or a quiet fancy dinner with the sweetheart of your choice.

Mar 1, 2011

Goose Island Pere Jacques

The first couple of Goose Island brews I tried a couple years back left me unimpressed so I laid off trying any of their other things til about a year ago when Jordan of the Mystery Girls brought over some of their saison take, Sofie, for me to try last spring. I liked it quite well and have intended on trying some of their other takes on Belgium styles but with so many other things and brews taking precedent it wasn't until tonight that I've really had a chance until tonight.
Rich ruby with gold highlights in color with a slight head that fades fairly quickly. Lots of warm dark fruits such as black cherry and raisin up front in the scent which are then followed by LOTS of caramel malts and bready yeast notes. Quite a few different nuances come out in in the flavor. Up front it has a cherry tartness along with some dates, peaches and a bit of woodsiness, towards the middle it takes on some green apple and grape nuances then towards the end a bit of cinnamon along with a touch of maple syrup. There's a bit of warmth to the end but nothing to really make one think it's over the 8% abv it sports.
None of the flavors are overbearing which makes all of it's complexities understated and interesting while working well and in tandem with each other. I'm kinda bummed I only have one bottle of this at the moment because I wouldn't mind having another as I could sip on this all evening.