Mar 29, 2016

Smashin' Podsistors 14: Backwoods Polebarn Burnout Barroom

     On this episode we get a bit rustic..and then primitive. Some major Michigan representing goes down with things from the Mountain Babies, Clark Paterson and The Bob Seger System.
     As far as new thing we haven't played before we've got Jack Oblivian & the Sheiks, Black Mountain, En Kernaghan Band and Lysol. You'll hear classics from Spacemen 3, Mott The Hoople, Porter Wagoner, Pale Saints and Ike & Tina Turner.
     There's also some Spacin', Life Stinks, Counter Intuits, Milk Lines and more for good measure too.

Mar 24, 2016


     Ever wonder who actually buys those 3 liter bottles of budget soda? And how they drink it all before it goes flat? The six explosive blasts going on here might explain those questions.
     Two acutely addled goons from a Massachusetts village that accused one of its residents of being a witch a decade before the Salem Witch Trials make some rattled punk rock noise. Massively distorted guitars spray a foul blare over a battering ram clatter of beats right from the get go and the nasally pissed off nerdy tirade to jabber along with just makes things even more delightfully disturbing.
     Some songs like the space punk "Trapped On A Planet" and the almost straight up rock-n-roll if rock-n-roll was still played by the seriously damaged of the rattled "Country Joe" and the down in flames puke blues/it garage punk/is it hardcore pulverizations of "Two Men" and "Ugly People"  sound like they were inspired by watching an out of control freight train plow through a row of rusty cars and mow down onlookers.
     In another instance "I Don't Wanna Wanna Be Like" takes a Ramones motif and, unlike a lot of bands that do nothing more than ape it, things are much more manic and it gives the impression that these guys were pissing on an electric fence and hammering out the song at the same time while the records closer, "Beat Off The Brat", may be similar to a song title by da brudders but is way more some Alice Cooper riff inspired proto-punk sandblasted down to a bare frame.

Mar 17, 2016

SODA BOYS "Burger And Fries" 7inch

    The clock is edging towards lunchtime. I've been trying to eat healthy on consistent basis. Y'know, cutting back on things fried in fat and eaten from a paper bag. Like any vicethe fast food siren song starts and the growling gut adds in some harmonies. The itch for the cow and starch and salt and sugar get itchier. The stomach growl is turning into full on howling. Listening to this Soda Boys record at this time of the day perhaps wasn't the wisest idea of the day so far.
     Using the obvious metaphor of food=love (or to more specific =Hopefully scoring some poon) on the a-side "Burger and Fries" , this St. Louis combo (see what I did there) has the same type of artery clogging grease that ran though the veins of Rust Belt wisenheimers the Gizmos and a fueled by bacon fat bounce of the Gears. It' like a dose of KISS lunkheadedness at it's finest sketched by crossed-eyed Troggs at their horniest. After several listens I am starting to think that tape hiss isn't from some lo-fi recording situation but because the band had a griddle full of 100% all beef patties sizzling in front of them while the tape ran.
     The flip's "Doghouse" rocks the grease bin back and forth until it tips over. What oozes all over the parking lot is the kind of thing zit faced arcade rats would spew after a week of hearing Iggy & the Stooges Raw Power album fighting their way out of a pocket transistor radio.

Mar 5, 2016

Smashin Podsistors 13: No Black Cat or Flaming 8 Ball Tattoos

     Number 13, huh? And me with out a gas station shirt.
     New(ish) things this time around from Counter Intuits, Jack Oblivian & the Sheiks, The Wolfmanhattan Project, Life Stinks, Whatever Brains, Pumice and Urochromes.
     Blasts from the past from Dome, Cheater Slicks, Lou Reed, Eric's Trip, Sinister Six and Ultravox.
     Some still fresh goodies from Choke Chains, Savoy Motel, Tang Soleil and Spacin'.
     Plus MORE! MORE! MORE!

Mar 4, 2016


     Thomas Jackson Potter has always been a part of some stellar rock-n-roll combos. There was his trifecta of bad ass drummers he had backing him up through his Bantam Rooster days, the punk rockers gone funk jokers in the Detroit City Council and, of course, his time on baritone guitar in the most crucial party band line up of the Dirtbombs. His latest gang of malcontents (Lindsay of No Bails on guitar, skinsman Chinese Millionaire Mark and some Ben Franklin looking cat who's background I don't know anything about but is a pretty rockin' dude on bass) may the mightiest one yet.
     Even if the album's lead off track "Safe Word" wasn't so claret splattered, it would still sound like guts flying everywhere. Potter's serving up his patented bloodcurdling holler while the band down-strokes madly like a spun too tight Cosmic Psychos.
     A demented AmRep/SubPop at their miscreant high points loom in a rock-n-roll swing on songs like the absolutely sinister "Moisture Technician", "She Collects Calendars" (a song which also raises the question "was the melody line slightly nicked from the title theme of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!?"), the sound of Devo herks-n-jerks being mutilated by sledgehammers on "Uptight" and the cruise town, burn rubber and flip off the cops when they pass by and out of the line of sight "Cosmic Shadow", "Cracked Dracula" and "Trinity Sue."
     The record is not all just totally punk scuzz bombs and dirt bag teenage fuzz mustache and sleeveless jean jacket jams though either. "Random Name Generator" finds blues getting strangled and left for dead down some totally creepy side street. Then along comes some sick pervert who fancies himself as a dive bar Bryan Ferry with an unhealthy obsession for the first two Psychedelic Furs albums on "Rock Paper Rapist" to gather up the pieces and take back the pieces and put in a jar to keep by his bedside table.
     Some dogs can be trained with a little tough love and a lot of work. Yanking hard on the leash though doesn't seem like it'll tame the rabidness here though.