May 19, 2019

Smashin’ Podsistorscast 50: The Golden One

The 50th episode of Smashin' Transistors! That makes us gold, right?

What you'll hear:

The Beaubeins
– Times Passed
Hash Redactor – Open Invites To The Caves
Red Mass – Show Me The Money
Lassie – Deposit Bottles
The Shifters – John Doe's Collegue
-words from your host-
The That's Thats – More
Wolfmanhattan Project – Now Now Now
Crosscut Sores – Dead Hit
The Staches – Fake Stomach Ache
Public Interest – Passing Glances
-words from your host-
Science Man – Love Potent
TAD – High On The Hog
Hello Hooray – Cherries Light The Way
Clinic- Flying Fish
Jack Oblivian – Good Time Bad Girl
-words from your host-
Toeheads – Going Steady
Isolation Party – Sleeves
Andy Human & the Reptoids – You Like Your Job
The Dandelion – Message From The Fire
The Rationals – Leaving Here
-words from your host-

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May 16, 2019

CELEBRITY HANDSHAKE Political Future 7inch EP

"Is this a musical equivalent of chewing on aluminum foil?"

It's a question that I've been asked about some of my musical choices occasionally for ages now. Often I answer "Yes. Some get electrified by such things. Perhaps I am one of them."

If the music then didn't make them want to get away from me after their failed attempt at a sick burn, my reply of how I get joy out some sorts of such sounds usually does.

If it was a Celebrity Handshake record spinning though, I doubt those types of folks would even bother to complain to me about such things. Probably because they would have already bolted out the door.

With an embankment of guitar bawl behind him, head Handshaker Aaron Haines launches into an unhinged and raw throated invocation that seems to want to disguise itself as an announcement from a civic minded person on "Political Future." In past times, hearing such a disturbed sounding rant would tank one's prospects in any sort of public office but, given the world we're currently in and the clowns that are in charge, its almost as if voting from is far from the worst idea a person could have.

It's the kind of song that makes the two other tracks on this record, "Hit Me Where It Hurts" and the featured recently on a Smashin' Transistors podcast "It Takes All Kinds Of Bones", sound downright normal. That is if you think drinking a gallon of gasoline to extol the virtues of rock-n-roll while sitting inside a beat up old station wagon that's about to get compacted by a car crusher is any sort of normal.

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May 9, 2019


This record should come with a crash helmet. A super reinforced one at that because this record dishes out quite a pummeling of concussion causing beats and inner ear agitating six string fry.

Raw and relentless, bandying about a term such as Industrial to describe Science Man (a one-man project helmed by a former consort of Buffalo, NY's Radiation Risks) might evoke impressions that don't fit this record. It's not disco-metal made for a cavernous nightclub where a third generation VHS copy of The Hunger is projected on a wall. This affair is much more anguished and frantic. Songs like "Love Potent" and "Weaponizer" attest such points.

Another thing that has me searching for a much better descriptor than the one I've already mentioned is that the use of guitar here are not just some compendious blasts designed/fiddled to make aggressive poses to. Here they slobber, door, bark and slither.

"Layouts" is anchored by the trusty punk rock downstroke while the rest of the song gets itself into a tizzled rant, the cocky swagger that lubes the gears of "Beat Of Your Heart" is pork fat and "Virus" is like a case of boogie disease that's spread by scorpion stings.

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May 1, 2019

The COWBOYS The Bottom Of A Rotten Flower LP

Some albums win you over immediately. There are also that take a bit of absorbing before their goodness is fully realized. Then those rare birds that have both going on. They knock you over on their first spin and each and every one after that, more and more they become even better.

The latest LP from Indiana's Cowboys, The Bottom Of A Rotten Flower, is one of those kinds of records to me.

The candy-coated roar of songs like the album's opener "Open Sores" with its bop in Day-Glo beat, the clomp-clomp-clomp stomp of "The Second Shortcoming Of Christ" and how the anthemic chords of "Pie In My Eye" gets fist pumping in a celebration of triumphs of the forlorn are all akin to something like the Buzzcocks and Cheap Trick coiling around each other. They then form a pop serpent which strikes an infectious bite onto all that are curious.

Unlike vocals that are the dead poet obsessed bray of the former or often almost falsetto bluster of the latter though, singer Keith Harman delivers them in a way that is one part hayseed, one part hustler and a whole lots of heart.

If the band had stuck with this formula of cleverly crafted and concise songs (most of them run around no more than the two minute mark here), it would be a record full of charmers but its when they branch out from that proven winner formula where this record shines even brighter.

The vintage jangle and mood of "Take My Flower And Run" is like a Buddy Holly song chromed for the jet age (minus any of the trying too hard posing presented by so many 50's cosplayers), "Female Behavior Book" could very well be something from the Kinks Face To Face catapulted into the right now and the swirly new wave organs on "Some Things Never Change" should be playing on carousels at all fairs across the USA this summer.

Counterbalance it with flat out rockers like "Red-headed Girlfriend" and you may understand why I am already declaring this one of the definite best in a year that is still young.
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