OVERNIGHT LOWS (JACKSON, MS) and DALE BEAVERS at Port Huron's Roche Bar Sunday March 3rd

The manic punk-n-rock roll sounds of Goner Records recording artists the Overnight Lows and Dale Beavers deep blues stomp will be making a Sunday night in sleepy city of Port Huron go all nuts.


Carlo(ad)s said…
you think they'll do the kid rock song about their town when their in Michigan?
Dale Merrill said…
Yeah, thanks for reminding me of that stupid song now. I think the only times I ever heard it was when I was in the Roche and some pool shooter would put it on the jukebox.
carlo(ad)s said…
Doesnt the roche have 16 different kid rock cds and 5 by kenny chesney on it these days?
rat catcher said…
I choose to believe the Roache jukebox is a practical joke and every song that is played on it is just irony at it's best.