Gorevette, The Pleasure Kills and The McFlys-Saturday July 24th at the Roche Bar in Port Huron

Gorevette: Featuring the legendary Nikki Corvette and Amy of the Gore Gore Girls

From sunny California The Pleasure Kills play New Wave/Power Pop. Good times and dancing will happen!

Also on the bill-the Blue Water Area's best at "1!2!3!4! Fun Punk" The McFlys.


Skanko said…
Nikki Corvette as in the one the Donnas sang about?
Todd said…
This isn't fat guy metal or phony 50's rock. Are you sure this is a gig in Port Huron?
Anonymous said…
Yep Shanko, the real Nikki Corvette ... !
Dale Merrill said…
Since I am not the guy that books the fat guy metal or phony 50's rock shows there-yes I am sure it's a Port Huron gig.