Dec 6, 2019

Film Photo Friday No. 24: Cenotaphs Of The Big 3 No. 4: The Standard Trope Number One

I will only shoot  a 57 Chevy if I spot one the in the wild. Nothing against them, it's just the Fonzie/Nostalgia/Oldies "theme" businesses that base their whole theme around that makes me not give much care in seeing them all that much.

Eric Clapton's "Rock-n-Roll Heart" is complete bullshit. That old coot had not "got off 'Screamin' Guitars'" for a good 20 years when he recorded that song.

Shot on a Lomo LCA using Lomography 400 35mm film.

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Dec 1, 2019

December 2019 Mixclouder of the Month: Mawkish Twaddle

As stated on his Mixcloud page, Mawkish Twaddle's host Bob N. plays "plenty of new tracks -- and some old but mostly unknown selections -- from genres like indiepop, post-punk, power pop, art rock, psych pop, indie rock, sunshine pop, soul, cold wave, bubblegum, yé-yé, krautrock, disco, folk rock, freakbeat, glam, honky tonk, and library and film music."

Also, if you are in the San Francisco area you can catch Bob's show live on an actual radio at KXSF 102.5 FM every Saturday night from 10 to midnight.