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Sep 3, 2015

Hot Love Returns to Port Huron's Roche Bar

     Back in April Ohio’s Hot Love came up to Port Huron and showed the city how to shimmy. Resembling a Kasenetz and Katz creation escaping the bubblegum factory and setting up camp in a junk yard filled with old stock car parts, their sound is groovy, gooey and raucous.
     The Legendary Assholes are a local supergroup of sorts. With members of the Hunting Lodge, Shame Exposure, the Feck, Skin Chiken and Forced Anger among their ranks they form a union of that have seen and heard it all and now just simply want to play loud and rock out.
     Ever heard of a prairie oyster? It’s a hangover cure made with a raw egg, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and gin. That’s what Screen Names tastes like, with a dash of sugar added. Punk for kids with feelings.
     This may be the last show I am setting up in Port Huron for awhile due to some other things I want to start working and concentrate on as well as a multiple of other reason. Come on out for the hurrah! More details over on those Facebook event thingies.

Apr 28, 2015

May 15th: Mud City Manglers, No Bails, the Failures and Dale Beavers at Port Huron's Roche Bar

Flyer design by Smashin' Transistors
     Pittsburgh’s Mud City Manglers first made a name for themselves in the late 90's with a fistful of snarling punk rock 7inch singles and their album "Heart Full Of Hate." Running full bore and high on leaded gasoline, the trio eventually crashed into a fiery mess a few years later.
     Down but not out, main Mangler Ted Tarka eventually crawled from the wreckage and, along with the band's original drummer Brian, started to build a bigger, stronger and even more bad ass version of the combo. Grappling the stealth and swift of attacks of Metal Matt on guitar and Metal Mary on bass into the gang the band is now even more of a force to be reckoned with than ever before.
     If Kalamazoo's No Bails were a pizza instead of a band they wouldn't promise you a 30 minute or less delivery guarantee. What they would be able to deliver is that it would be loaded with fat helpings of greasy toppings. If the Cosmic Psychos had kids that they abandoned at a Chuck E. Cheese to learn how to fend for themselves, No Bails would be the one's who would show them how to turn the ball pit into a wrestling ring of televised on WTBS in the 1980s proportions.
     Plenty of people in the Port Huron bars can yammer on and on about what is punk rock is and isn't. Al of the Failures is the one to tell them to shut up. Or, once him and his band hit the stage, they shut them up with a street level blare of three chord rock-n-roll detonations.
     Not just anyone can be a Midnight Mayor. It's a whole 'nother set of rules than what it is for the one who's at city hall for the day. A midnight mayor isn't elected. Hell, a midnight mayor is even appointed. A midnight mayor is someone who declares themselves the one in charge and everyone else has to deal with it. Dale Beavers is Port Huron's Midnight Mayor.
Find out more at the Facebook event page. 

Mar 25, 2015

April 18th: Hot Love and the Failures at Port Huron's Roche Bar

Flyer design by Smashin' Transistors
    Now that the ice is (hopefully) melting and we wont see any more tundra type weather (hopefully) for months and months away, it is time to heat up Port Huron with some REAL PUNK ROCK-n-ROLL! On Saturday, April 18th Smashin' Transistors intends to do just that by presenting our first installment of live show fun for the warm season.
     From Ohio, Hot Love will be getting up to get down and shake some rock action that is one part space cased new wave, one part basement party garage rock groovin' and 100% a blast.
     Fueled by caffeine, fried chicken and beer, Port Huron punk rock desperado's the Failures will be revving up their engine and firing on all 8 cylinders all in the name of having a good time.
     Find out more by checking the Facebook event page.     

Sep 1, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Another Summer in Port Huron

     Even though there will, hopefully, some nice weather for a day at the beach and so on, Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer as far as most people feel. Here in Port Huron we decided to send out with some bang, hiss and rock-n-roll at the Roche Bar.
     This past Friday, two Wisconsin bands played their first shows out of home state but, for members of both bands, not their first time playing this town and, in particularly, this bar.

Silent Drape Runners at the Roche Bar August 29th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill

Silent Drape Runners at the Roche Bar August 29th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill
    Mike, frontman for Silent Drape Runners, drummer Gus and bassist Phil were a band that very few people around here knew anything about but knew the guys in the band. Mike played bass (and later drums) in the Mystery Girls, Gus in Hue Blanc's Joyless ones and Phil in Death and Taxes, all of which had rocked the Roche before. The combination of the three made us curious as to what they would deliver. 
     Sounding something like well oiled 90's garage punk band who formed after spending a weekend together listening to Grand Funk Railroad's On Time blasting through some dry rotted and mildewy car speakers, the band got the room jumpin' and the beer flowing. Did they deliver? Hell yeah! They delivered it hot! Don't take my work for it though; Jon Heibler (he currently Sugar Stems fame and once of the Catholic Boys) was part of the Wisco contingent that was tagging along for evening took to his Instagram page after their set to to declare them his new favorite band.
Space Raft at the Roche Bar August 29th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill
Space Raft at the Roche Bar August 29th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill
Space Raft at the Roche Bar August 29th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill
Space Raft at the Roche Bar August 29th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill
Space Raft at the Roche Bar August 29th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill
     I believe that I have made it very well known that I dig Space Raft's debut album from earlier this very much.  Having worked with the band's main man Jordan in the past from the Mystery Girls up til the last band he had, the Fairweather Friends, I was naturally all over the idea of getting them to come here to play. Then, factor in folks who had seen them live already telling me how great they are of a live band (not that I had any doubts of that) I was all over the idea of having them make their out of state live debut here in the mitten and, in particular, the hamlet which I reside.
     On stage, the band was locked in to each others vibe playing very tight but still having an organic looseness in their with soaring harmonies and iridescencent instrumental passages to make things a little scruffy, wiggly and oh so real. After they finished I made the statement that "I no longer need my Badfinger records any more. I got Space Raft!!!" It was only meant it to be slightly hyperbolic. I mean, I doubt Space Raft would turn down an helping hand from a former Beatle but they don't one. They are doing just fine own their own. I knew they would be good live but they went way beyond that.

     After some relaxing and kicking back on Saturday afternoon, the Roche's foundation was ready to get rocked again for the evening and man, oh man! Did it ever get rocked!

Radio Burns at the Roche Bar August 30th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill
Radio Burns at the Roche Bar August 30th 2014 Photo by Dale Merrill
     Though being Hamtramck based, Radio Burns are no strangers to the city where Lake Huron starts and it's not just because their drummer, Nick Lloyd, was a member of the town's most beloved and legendary scourge, The Dirtys.
     This night was their 3rd time playing around these parts in the last few months. Their sound, which has a stomp from 70's big rocks like Slade and a hyperactive melodic buzz like sorts such as the Marked Men, won people over immediately the first time they played in town and each time since then they continue to turn up a notch a blowing away show-goers. This evening's show was a bit of a bittersweet affair for the guys on stage and many in the crowd. A good soul from Port Huron, Denny Brown, who was a superhuge fan of the band, shuffled off this mortal coil the previous weekend from a heart attack. Radio Burns dedicated their set to him and sounds set him off on his next journey in style.

Obnox at the Roche Bar August 30th Photo by Dale Merrill
Obnox at the Roche Bar August 30th Photo by Dale Merrill
Obnox at the Roche Bar August 30th Photo by Dale Merrill
Obnox at the Roche Bar August 30th Photo by Dale Merrill
Obnox at the Roche Bar August 30th Photo by Dale Merrill
     Though it was the first time for Obnox to roll through this town people were already down and excited for what they have going on. The college radio station here, WSGR, has been showing the Ohio band mad love and support since their first singles and the most recent album, Louder Space, spent a good few weeks at number one on their charts. Even with all it still didn't prepare the crowd for torrential downpour of sound the duo was about the throw down.
     With a guitar growl resembling Poison Ivy Rorschach's swampy six string gruel if it was powered by a rock crusher and a voice that balances the fine line between a guttural howl, a funky foghorn and a very blazed out store front preacher whoop, 'Nox's creator Lamont "Bim" Thomas string slinging and pontificating commands attention. It delivers a one-two punch with the first one aiming to rattle brains and the second getting people to shake their hips. When a song come to an end, his crowd banter shows that if he ever gives up playing the rock-n-roll (which this writer hopes is not for a long time coming) he will still rule any stage he steps on as a stand up comedian.
     Lamont's probably best known for his drumming gig in the Bassholes so he not gonna settle for just anyone behind the kit an with drummer Rose Safos he has a secret weapon. Her beat keeping is pummeling but not plodding and all about keeping the swing intact and driving the songs home. Those who stand to close to her when she's playing will probably get a concussion just from watching while the rest of the onlookers simply wonder who the drum set hasn't been reduced to splinters by the end of the set.

     Carla from across the river in Canada made it over for the Obnox show and got a few things on video from it. Check 'em out.

     It's always a drag to see summer go (even if weather wise it was a pretty lame one in this part of the world) but having a send off like this and the 100% fun it all was will give us something around here to look back on and say "Awww yeah! We need to do that again!" when the mean ol' winter and the pain in the ass things it brings become commonplace in the next few months.

Feb 22, 2014

March 8th: Marinol Nation, Radio Burns and ROWS at Port Huron's Roche Bar

Check out the Roche Bar in downtown Port Huron on Saturday, March 8th for an evening of international Rock-n-Roll

Described as "Daniel Johnston if he listened to the Rolling Stones instead of the Beatles" by fellow Sarnia compatriots the Chocolate Robots-Marinol Nation will be playing their brand of folk punk blues live in the USA for the first time.

Find out more about Marinol Nation at their Facebook page here.

Radio Burns are a Detroit Rock-n-Roll band that feature Port Huron's own Nick Lloyd (The Dirtys, Bantam Rooster) on drums.

Get more info on Radio Burns here.

Also on the bill are Sarnia indie garage blues popsters ROWS.

Listen to some music by ROWS here.

Find out more at the events page on Facebook.

Nov 20, 2013

November 27th: Turntable Jives at the Port Huron's Roche Bar

     I normally pass on going out on Thanksgiving Eve. It's one of the busiest bar nights of the year which usually equals amateur night, herd mentality douchebags, drunks all over the roads and cops everywhere looking for those drunks. For me, these factors lead me to choose to be warm & toasty in my own digs and enjoy a tipple if a chose with people that I choose.
     Due to a change in my social & financial statuses (aka: getting divorced) though-I will be spinning my first Thanksgiving Eve set in who remembers how long it's been. It gives me a reason to kick out the jams for a bit as well as putting some much needed change in my pocket.
     Join me, Franck, Day-V and KVN for an Thanksgiving Eve of grooves, growlers, shakers and stompers at the Roche Bar located at 405 Quay St. in Downtown Port Huron.
Find out the more minute details here.