Blaring outta Indiana, Lousy Sue is a new combo featuring Jim Kuczkowski aka The Kooch. If you're not familiar with the name but were into blown out rock-n-roll records 90's/early 00' (especially those on the Rip Off label) you may be familiar with some of his work. He was the dude who set up the mics and twiddle the knobs for full length from the Infections, The Problematics and the Marked Men. He was also the guy who recorded my favorite singles from the Mighty John Waynes and the Kill-A-Watts as well.

After a few seconds of stonerish rock fuzz, the drums count off  "Katy Perrys", it becomes obvious this trio executes the same sort of wild and cranked up high as records he worked on.

The level of rowdiness doesn't wane throughout the rest of the EP and the playful obnoxiousness, especially when Jim and drummer Angie trade off vocals on tracks like "Ferma Jean" (which is about someone likes to get really obnoxious and outta control) and the in a tizzy beat that makes "Halfwit" bounce, is something that seems to be missing from a bunch of a bunch bands plying the so called garage punk trade in these days.

Not only that, they knock a faithful but amped up take of one of my favorite songs from when I was a little kid, Tom T. Hall's "Sneaky Snake" right out of the park and probably into some swimming pool filled with bottom shelf whiskey that anyone who isn't square would not have to be asked twice to dive right into.

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