Smashin’ Transistors 61: Illuminating Monochrome with Light Emitting Diodes

What a taxing year it's been. We somehow did out best and made it through even if likely we're worse for the wear. This whole Keep On Keepin' On thing ain't easy all the time. 

The next year has plenty of roller coaster rides ahead. Hold on tight. We need ya around!

What you'll hear:
Sandy Sarjeant - Can't Stop The Want
Kool and the Gangbangers – I Don't Wanna Go Outside
Ill Globo - Mirabella
-words from your host-
TV Crime - Wild One
The Only Ones – Out In The Night
Toy Trucks - Schoolbus
Goodnight Loving – Land Of 1000 Bars
-words from your host-
Zurich Cloud Motors – A Hair Raising Memory
Spray Paint - Alcohol Surface
Cochonne – Body Bag
Match Factory – All The Same
-words from your host-
Mononegatives - Transient Reality
Dow Jones & the Industrials – Set Yourself On Fire
Foster Care – Rack Brain
Iggy and the Stooges – Shake Appeal
-words from your host-
Solarized -Is This Where I Beg for the Prosthetic Leg
Midnight Mines - Double Attack 
PP Rebel - Where The Quiet Go
Teenage Fanclub - December
-words from your host-
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