Aug 14, 2019

JOHNNY ILL Congratulations EP

Johnny Ill's songs are for the everyman. Not in some blustery and blue-collar anthem kinda way though. More like of the finding fascination and poetry in the mundane day to day sort.

His latest release (the first from him in a couple of years as well as the first release done with his most recent gang of musical partners in crime), Congratulations,  is full of such moments. "Hamtramck Island" whose lyrics seem like the recapping of a day walking around the Detroit borough the song is named after has a bit of a Jonathan Richman vibe to it. It's as jangling as some Modern Lovers songs could be but it's also a bit more jittery and rattled. The same sort of thing, but a little more sparse in its accompaniment, can be said about "Third & Blaine."

While such off-centered and noisy pop proves to be a delight here, the songs stretch a bit beyond that. "One Year Plan" has  Mark E. Smith squigglings all over it and "Birds" resembles the first couple A Certain Ratio singles if they grew up playing in midwest basements stocked with plenty of Stroh's. 

Get sick at Johnny Ill's Facebook page.

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Aug 9, 2019

Film Photo Friday No. 10: El Rauncho

Their breakfast at this place was one of the legendary cheap "hangover cures" in the area. That was ages ago as the place has been long gone for a while now. How was the rest of their food? I never knew but figured there was more than just one reason why it was always (semi-lovingly) referred to as the El Rauncho.

Shot on a Holga 135BC using Kodak Vision3 100t film.

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Aug 6, 2019

Smashin' Podsistors 54: What If Juggalos Weren’t Allowed Their Faygo?

On a scorcher of a summer day recently I had the thirst for a pop. A really sugary one. A Faygo Red Pop or Rock-n-Rye was on my mind. The party store I stopped in didn't carry any Faygo. Is that even legal in the state of Michigan?

What you'll hear:
PP Arnold - If You Think You're Groovy
Connie Voltaire - Picture Book
Pscience - Chance Encounter
Dream Boogie - Shanghai Nights
Homer - Taking Me Home
-words from the host-
Tyvek - I've Not Thought Once
Butterglory - Rivers
Mope Grooves - Pictures Of The Moon
Psychedelic Speed Freaks - Lawless
The Los Hot Quesos - Bugs
-words from the host-
Cement Shoes - Me Have No Brain
The Natural M*n Band - Working Nights
Srei Sothear & Sin Sisamouth - Power Of Her Eye
Pinch Points - Stainless Steel
Musclegoose - Mr Pibb goes to Washington
-words from the host-
The Cool Greenhouse - Cardboard Man
Johnny Ill - One Year Plan
Eggy - Machine Communications
The Bambies - Echo
Joe Hebert Band - I Don't Want To Be A Preppy
-words from the host-

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Aug 2, 2019

Film Photo Friday No. 9: I Got Your Number

A song about finding a number written on a bathroom wall. Oh, there's many of them. You can hum your favorite one of the sort if you wish while looking at this Film Photo Friday choice.

Shot on a Lomo LCA using Agfa Vista Plus 400 film.

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Aug 1, 2019

August 2019 Mixclouder Of The Month: Cat Nouveau

Though the Cat Nouveau show originates out of Portugal, he scours the planet for the rudest, wildest and sickest rock-n-roll sounds.

A violently kaleidoscopic whirl of new punk rock and the latest garage rock from all over the world is what's served up. What's that weird flavor of the colors you're tasting? Well, it's either blood or cyanide! 

Jul 26, 2019

Film Photo Friday No. 8: Obelisk No. 1

Big money condo development in a low paying town. Give the illusion that the city is "coming back" though more people keep moving out the area than moving in.

They've been working on these "luxurious waterfront residences overlooking the St. Clair River with spectacular views of Lake Huron" for well over a year now. I took this photo about two weeks ago.

Shot on a Fed 5 rangefinder using Fujicolor 200.

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Jul 23, 2019

Smashin' Podsistors 53: Head's In A Haze

Like a heatwave. Amid the one we had the past week, one way to keep cool was to find a big shade tree to sit under and put together a fake radio show. Or, at least, portions of one. That's what we did for a bit here at ol' Smashy T's. Any gaffes on this episode were caused by wooziness of sunspots.

What you'll hear:
Naked Raygun - Metastasis
Christian Fitness - The Brain Is Not A Lever
Urochromes - Style
Lincoln Street Exit - Time Has Come Gonna Die
Rhys Bloodjoy - Aphrodite's Mirror
-words from your host-
Johnny Ill - Hamtramck Island
75 Dollar Bill - There's No Such Thing As A King Bee
Honey Radar - Instant Furniture
Dream Boogie - Boy Can Dream
The Haunted - 8 O'clock This Morning
-words from your host-
No Bails - We Sk8
Powerplant - People of the Sun
The Space Lady - Born To Be Wild
Euromilliard - Élève modèle
Trampoline Team – False Friend
-words from your host-
Primitive Hands – Unseen Love
Mountain Babies - Shapeshifter
Scrap Brain - Migraine
Mononegatives – 5 Minute Future
Bad Seeds - Sick & Tired
-words from your host-

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Jul 22, 2019


Last year, Richmond, Va.'s Cement Shoes bestowed their debut 7inch on the punk rock world. For many, it was quite a rager. It was probably a headscratcher to many too. Incorrigible hardcore circa say 1983 walks into a circa the same year high school autoshop class where some greasy long hairs are debating the magic of Bondo and how rippin' some Foghat song sounds blasting over the Kraco speakers they just mounted in the trunk of their '76 Cutlass.

Being a high school student of that particular time and space, the story would have, no matter how much I would root for them, would have not ended well for the punk rockers. Hell, the legends would probably still be lingering about greasy, dirty first flying and the sound of 100 pair of tan Dingo boots stomping and kicking to this day.

On this, the band's debut LP, like that single, such did not happen though. Instead, they joined together to form a maniacal force of early frenzied hardcore, guttural black metal growls and wrathful boogie.

The count off of the record's opener, "Unite The Right In Hell", may give the listener a sense of  Ramones-ish familiarity. That stops right as the "4" is shouted as a barrage of descending guitar chords drill through the skull and then down through earth to it's molten burning core, leaving the subject matter at hand where they belong for eternity rather propping up and hiding behind a bullshit image of Jesus that many a person have molded into a reflection of their true rotten selves here on earth.

While a similar thread (and sentiment) runs through songs such as how "Satanic Soul Picnic" inexorably tempo jackhammers but give space to a bong rippin' guitar solo and the absolute dervish that's "How It Is", no human can't survive on smashing and crashing alone. The diet here also consists of meat grinder funk stabs with "Mine Mine Mine" and, in the case of "Falling Man", resembling biker rock constantly battling a severe case of night terrors.

Swim with the fishes at Feel It Records
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Jul 19, 2019

Film Photo Friday No. 7: Cosmic Light Shapes

A monochromic shot of Eugene of Cosmic Light Shapes dealing out swirling psychedelic pop at the SchwonkSoundStead in Port Huron.

Shot on a Holga 120N using Kodak T-Max 400.

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Jul 17, 2019

MUSCLEGOOSE A Hot Dog Made of Us 7inch EP

MUSCLEGOOSE. Sounds like the name of a Top Fuel dragster. Or at least something a hesher neighbor would have airbrushed and pinstriped across the back of the spoiler of a Mustang Mach 1 he's been in the process of restoring for the last decade.

This Fayetteville, Arkansas band aren't either but they do burn hot and flammable enough to make either of the above engines combust. Straight off the record comes out swinging in a blind rage with "Diaper Daddy Day Care." Vicious and quick, it pretty much sets the mood for what is going to be an 80's pre-tough guy/pre-fat & bald guy with a goatee hardcore dustup for the rest of this 7inch slab.

Whether it is imagining a march on DC with a long lost and lamented soda as the leader (or at least the caffeinated catalyst that would/could/should inspire such a thing) on "Mr PiBB Goes to Washington" or the way "Are You Ain't Ever Scared Of The Dark" wings aural rocks, mud and poo at passerby's, the pummeling hardly ever lets up.

The only time it really does is the first 30 seconds of the record's longest song, the 2 and a half minute "ABBA & Elvis Costello Meet Ben Stein's Mummy." It starts out fooling listeners into thinking it might be a sludgy psych-punk trip but then explodes into a thousand pieces too.

Get it with mustard at Also Tapered records
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