MUSCLEGOOSE A Hot Dog Made of Us 7inch EP

MUSCLEGOOSE. Sounds like the name of a Top Fuel dragster. Or at least something a hesher neighbor would have airbrushed and pinstriped across the back of the spoiler of a Mustang Mach 1 he's been in the process of restoring for the last decade.

This Fayetteville, Arkansas band aren't either but they do burn hot and flammable enough to make either of the above engines combust. Straight off the record comes out swinging in a blind rage with "Diaper Daddy Day Care." Vicious and quick, it pretty much sets the mood for what is going to be an 80's pre-tough guy/pre-fat & bald guy with a goatee hardcore dustup for the rest of this 7inch slab.

Whether it is imagining a march on DC with a long lost and lamented soda as the leader (or at least the caffeinated catalyst that would/could/should inspire such a thing) on "Mr PiBB Goes to Washington" or the way "Are You Ain't Ever Scared Of The Dark" wings aural rocks, mud and poo at passerby's, the pummeling hardly ever lets up.

The only time it really does is the first 30 seconds of the record's longest song, the 2 and a half minute "ABBA & Elvis Costello Meet Ben Stein's Mummy." It starts out fooling listeners into thinking it might be a sludgy psych-punk trip but then explodes into a thousand pieces too.

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