Jul 23, 2019

Smashin' Podsistors 53: Head's In A Haze

Like a heatwave. Amid the one we had the past week, one way to keep cool was to find a big shade tree to sit under and put together a fake radio show. Or, at least, portions of one. That's what we did for a bit here at ol' Smashy T's. Any gaffes on this episode were caused by wooziness of sunspots.

What you'll hear:
Naked Raygun - Metastasis
Christian Fitness - The Brain Is Not A Lever
Urochromes - Style
Lincoln Street Exit - Time Has Come Gonna Die
Rhys Bloodjoy - Aphrodite's Mirror
-words from your host-
Johnny Ill - Hamtramck Island
75 Dollar Bill - There's No Such Thing As A King Bee
Honey Radar - Instant Furniture
Dream Boogie - Boy Can Dream
The Haunted - 8 O'clock This Morning
-words from your host-
No Bails - We Sk8
Powerplant - People of the Sun
The Space Lady - Born To Be Wild
Euromilliard - Élève modèle
Trampoline Team – False Friend
-words from your host-
Primitive Hands – Unseen Love
Mountain Babies - Shapeshifter
Scrap Brain - Migraine
Mononegatives – 5 Minute Future
Bad Seeds - Sick & Tired
-words from your host-

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