Aug 6, 2019

Smashin' Podsistors 54: What If Juggalos Weren’t Allowed Their Faygo?

On a scorcher of a summer day recently I had the thirst for a pop. A really sugary one. A Faygo Red Pop or Rock-n-Rye was on my mind. The party store I stopped in didn't carry any Faygo. Is that even legal in the state of Michigan?

What you'll hear:
PP Arnold - If You Think You're Groovy
Connie Voltaire - Picture Book
Pscience - Chance Encounter
Dream Boogie - Shanghai Nights
Homer - Taking Me Home
-words from the host-
Tyvek - I've Not Thought Once
Butterglory - Rivers
Mope Grooves - Pictures Of The Moon
Psychedelic Speed Freaks - Lawless
The Los Hot Quesos - Bugs
-words from the host-
Cement Shoes - Me Have No Brain
The Natural M*n Band - Working Nights
Srei Sothear & Sin Sisamouth - Power Of Her Eye
Pinch Points - Stainless Steel
Musclegoose - Mr Pibb goes to Washington
-words from the host-
The Cool Greenhouse - Cardboard Man
Johnny Ill - One Year Plan
Eggy - Machine Communications
The Bambies - Echo
Joe Hebert Band - I Don't Want To Be A Preppy
-words from the host-

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