This record should come with a crash helmet. A super reinforced one at that because this record dishes out quite a pummeling of concussion causing beats and inner ear agitating six string fry.

Raw and relentless, bandying about a term such as Industrial to describe Science Man (a one-man project helmed by a former consort of Buffalo, NY's Radiation Risks) might evoke impressions that don't fit this record. It's not disco-metal made for a cavernous nightclub where a third generation VHS copy of The Hunger is projected on a wall. This affair is much more anguished and frantic. Songs like "Love Potent" and "Weaponizer" attest such points.

Another thing that has me searching for a much better descriptor than the one I've already mentioned is that the use of guitar here are not just some compendious blasts designed/fiddled to make aggressive poses to. Here they slobber, door, bark and slither.

"Layouts" is anchored by the trusty punk rock downstroke while the rest of the song gets itself into a tizzled rant, the cocky swagger that lubes the gears of "Beat Of Your Heart" is pork fat and "Virus" is like a case of boogie disease that's spread by scorpion stings.

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