Apr 28, 2015

May 15th: Mud City Manglers, No Bails, the Failures and Dale Beavers at Port Huron's Roche Bar

Flyer design by Smashin' Transistors
     Pittsburgh’s Mud City Manglers first made a name for themselves in the late 90's with a fistful of snarling punk rock 7inch singles and their album "Heart Full Of Hate." Running full bore and high on leaded gasoline, the trio eventually crashed into a fiery mess a few years later.
     Down but not out, main Mangler Ted Tarka eventually crawled from the wreckage and, along with the band's original drummer Brian, started to build a bigger, stronger and even more bad ass version of the combo. Grappling the stealth and swift of attacks of Metal Matt on guitar and Metal Mary on bass into the gang the band is now even more of a force to be reckoned with than ever before.
     If Kalamazoo's No Bails were a pizza instead of a band they wouldn't promise you a 30 minute or less delivery guarantee. What they would be able to deliver is that it would be loaded with fat helpings of greasy toppings. If the Cosmic Psychos had kids that they abandoned at a Chuck E. Cheese to learn how to fend for themselves, No Bails would be the one's who would show them how to turn the ball pit into a wrestling ring of televised on WTBS in the 1980s proportions.
     Plenty of people in the Port Huron bars can yammer on and on about what is punk rock is and isn't. Al of the Failures is the one to tell them to shut up. Or, once him and his band hit the stage, they shut them up with a street level blare of three chord rock-n-roll detonations.
     Not just anyone can be a Midnight Mayor. It's a whole 'nother set of rules than what it is for the one who's at city hall for the day. A midnight mayor isn't elected. Hell, a midnight mayor is even appointed. A midnight mayor is someone who declares themselves the one in charge and everyone else has to deal with it. Dale Beavers is Port Huron's Midnight Mayor.
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