Seeking that particular record to wake up to in the morning and help rub the sleep out of your eyes? Well, keep looking.
     Seeking a record to wake up to in the morning and rolling over with the sleep still in your eyes to take a couple of bong hits then going back to sleep til well past noon having really seedy, monochromatic dreams all the while? Well, then you need Melbourne, Austraila based Satanic Rockers in your Stygian life.
     Sounding like Black Sabbath falling asleep, a 70's Saturday Morning Cartoon version drone metal and the most lackadaisical late 80's slacker rock dudes laying on a cold slab of cement quacked out on whatever pills he found while riffling through his mom's purse-the songs here start as a gurgle that turn into something festering.
     Beats that sound like they are rhythm box jacked from a broken down Wurlizter organ are buried deep in the mix of murky, grumbling guitars plugged into powered by 6 AA batteries amps do their damnedest to rumble like a lawnmower idling in the thunderstorm and squall like Canadian geese being strangled with barbed wire.
     Above those noises that may entertain the idea of reaching a mid tempo squirm before topping out and staying at a slug bait slither are dispassionate voice rambles off in a smart ass tone about being the hatred that permeates through small towns, homely siblings, boring jobs (and the jackass bosses that go with them) and the joys of war (or at least the thrill of blasting someone away with a machine gun).
      Dark humor and lost weekend booze bender doom chugging that serves as a perfect sound when thinking about getting revenge dealing with day to day dickheads.