Smashin' Transistors 60: Good Gravy

Anyone else taking bets until one of the coots in the family quotes memes as fact during this holiday season? With it being Thanksgiving this week, the odds making is about to happen.

What you'll hear:

The Flesheaters – River Of Fever
Cochonne – Horror-Scope
Dan Melchior Group– Hey Ya
The Birthday Party – Figure Of Fun
-words from your host-
Program - Show Me
Michael Yonkers – Boy In The Sandbox
Bobby Would – Bad Man (Not I)
Automatic – Strange Conversations
-words from your host-
Mononegatives – Friend Accessories
Dana – Pork Pie
Saint Rangers – Returning
En Attendant Ana – Somewhere And Somehow
-words from your host-
Warm Leather – Vocabulary
Foster Care – No Respect
Connie Voltaire – Animal Farm
Perfect Buzz - My Apologizes
-words from your host-
Toy Trucks – Questions
The Cult Of Lip – Walking
Gino and the Goons – She Can Take It
The Metros – Hot Wired
-words from your host-

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