PERFECT BUZZ In Your Face 7inch

The word perfect has been bandied about in the media for the last couple of weeks. Mostly by an orange ape that's squatting in Washington DC and whose instance of something being so, given his side of the story on one side and the truth on the other, may not so be perfect at all. At the very least it has warped what the word means.

So what constitutes a perfect buzz then? In the case of Pure Country Gold's Petey Foss newest band, a perfect buzz is one that is scruffy and frayed but still sparkles in the sunlight. "In Your Face" gives a first impression that it's gonna be some kinda rootsy, back porch ballad. That gives way quickly when it turns into a hyper and anthemic blare of fuzz that's equally 70s power pop as it is a punkish take on 80s college rock.

It's flip, "My Apologizes", doesn't stray from the same sort of template but it does juice it up a bit more, making the sound something familiar and catchy but with a bounce that has the band staking a claim of it being their own particular way to get heart rates up.

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