Smashin' Transistors 90: Started Hummin' a Song from 1862

There were a handful of occasions to celebrate the first week of May. Cinco de Mayo. Kentucky Derby.

The Friday of that week is one of the most important holidays for many people from my homeland. Yes, I am talking about Michigan. And, yes, I am talking about the birth of Rockin' Robert Seger, born 177 years ago on May 6th.

It's not an official holiday in the state but let's put it this way. If you are in a crowd of people and something like Katmandu comes on and you don't let out a giant Woo! or Yeah!, the crowd will look at you like you are some sort of malcontent and most likely an apostate of the Mitten State. 

What you'll hear:

Kim Weston – Soul On Fire
Tha Retail Simps – Summertime
The Neckbones – Eyeful
The Drin – Move To Extinction
-words from your host-
Mr. and The Mrs. – Fukkkopps
Loop – Isochrone
Henry Flynt and the Insurrections – Go Down
The Pinstripes – Fish On Land
-words from your host-
The Crawlies – Get On Down
Sundog Summit – Whiskey Woman
Jeremy Scott – Your Ice Cream’s Gonna Melt One Day
Ian Hunter – Just Another Night
-words from your host-
Clinic – Miracles 
The Salem Trials – Shutting Down
Pylon- Dub
Dom and the Wizards – Heavenly Sweet Little Skin Wrapped Skeleton
-words from your host- 
Jug and the Bugs – Hurrying
Shawn David McMillen – Kick Off Your Shoes
Waylon Thornton – Amnesiac Amber Boardroom
The Saints – This Time
-words from your host-

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