WARM LEATHER "Manic Static" 7inch

Be it with bands such as Hasselhoff Experient back in the late 90s or the more recent combos such as BloodBags, guitar banger and howler of a maniacal sort Andrew Tolley always knows how to bring the heat. His latest trio, Warm Leather, continues to this that. It's leather that is more than warm, it is scorched and blistering.

While his previous combos always leaned towards a bent and twisted fringe of garage punk, this time around, the sound here is elephantine and metallic. Not heavy metal (though it is quite heavy) but more than able to do a lot of damage with a cold and crushing force.

"Manic Static" is more than just the title of the a-side. It's a solid descriptor. The riff that powers it is an elemental surf lick that's battered and bloodied from being dragged through some post-apocalyptic wasteland of a tattered hardcore and has become more energized because of it. The thud provided gives Tolly a rock-solid platform to stand on for his parched bellow to haunt all that hear it.

Even sicker and thicker is the flip's "Vocabulary" which resembles something like a Sub-Pop era TAD track with all it's layered peeled back to the core. Instead of overtly playing up some sawed-off shotgun toting/backwoods demoniac image to sell the song to the listener though, the unhinged clobber here is all that needs to be done to get the very disturbed vibe across.

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