Smashin' Transistors 62: Entrée a Decade

A new decade has dropped and it's rolling at a furious pace for your truly (here's a lot as to why) but I'm gonna do what I can to make sure you loyal listeners can get at least one of the fake radio shows a month until everything settles.

What you'll hear:
20/20 – Under The Freeway
Comet Gain – Werewolf Suit
Bad Weed – Down, Down, Down
The Moodists – The Disciples Know
-words from your host-
The Beauticians – Donna
Tubeway Army – Are You Real
Schizos – Driller
Obnox – Red I
-words from your host-
Martyr Privates – Blak Light
Postman – Fitted Wool Blankets
Human Switchboard – Fly In
Dadar – Get Away
-words from your host-
Fatal Figures – X Minus One
Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones – Lemon Chiffon
The Plastic Shoelaces – Bigger Heads
The Cheater Slicks – Another Stab
-words from your host-
Zurich Cloud Motors - Trail Of No Return
Gone Wrong – Shut Down
Warm Exit – Gloom Sauce Is Going To Take You Out
The Skinnies – Out Of Order

Minor show note: The Comet Gain album is called Fireraisers Forever! and not as I absentmindedly called it Firestarters Forever! I believe I may have called it the latter in a previous episode too. I know that is not the name of the album though my brain for some reason keeps telling me to call it that.

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