London, Ontario's Mononegatives are comprised of at least one member of high energy punk rock-n-rollers Isölation Party (who's fine album you should lend an ear to if you haven't yet.)

Outside of the high energy punk rock part though, that's where the comparisons between to two pretty much end. Things are much, much more agitated here.

On the EP's title track, it sounds as if the guitars are run through a meatgrinder, the vocals howl and growls as if they're making a feral call for help from the bottom of a brimstone burning pit and the tempo is unhinged and gives an impression that it is about to explode, throwing bits of piercing shrapnel all over the neighborhood.

It's followed by "Garbage Blood", which has a pop-tinge but with whiplash causing stop/starts which would rather scorch hearts with napalm than touch them with a chewy and sweet melody. The synths that accent both tracks make it all feel even more blackhearted.

The generally dystopian take on rock-n-roll here is aptly capped off with a Tubeway Army cover with the band taking "You Are In My Vision" and making it resemble something like a very sinister outtake from Wire's Pink Flag.

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