RICHARD and the YOUNG LIONS: "Open Up Your Door": Song Stuck In My Head Today (Part 1)

Though the band was outta New Jersey and the song only went to #99 on the national charts it did hit #1 in Detroit on this very week in 1966.
The song has had a bit of staying power in Michigan too. In 1983, the Romantics included it on their biggest selling (and cheesiest sounding) album In Heat and the Demolition Dollrods played it regularly in live sets in the 90's.

There's a documentary on the band called
Out of Our Dens: The Richard and the Young Lions Story that I have not seen but may be worth checking out on stay inside cold days that will be happening in this part of the world over the next 6 months or so. A copy of that can be found here if you're so inclined to order one.