SONIC CHICKEN 4 "Surf On A Plane" 7inch

Our personal favorite Franco Frogs of Fuzz are back here with two numbers that'll get all but the most uptight, crotchety or grumpy swinging, dancing, swaying, smooching, drinking or grooving.
"Surf On A Plane" is a jittery smash up of 60's mod blow ups with an overdose of organ hiss and guitar distortion and a bit of something that could be something all the bad kids out on the elementary school playground sing to taunt all the do-gooders.
"Crashed" takes the BFTG type of stomp, tosses in some Velvet Underground out of tune jangle in the middle and makes the sound of knocking over a spring reverb amp over and over again not only a center piece but even perhaps the solo. While some other bands would turn such things that would stick around too long the Sonic Chicken 4 don't waste time being long winded making you almost wish the songs would last just a little bit longer just so you could keep jumping around like a fool to them (which is the best way to jump around to any record unless you're uptight crotchety or grumpy that is) before you have to pick up the needle to start them over again.