Smashin' Tranistors 85: Boulevard Of Broken Dream Books

There were a couple of super duper lottery jackpots recently. I admit to throwing a couple of bucks down here and there on the "big ones" a time or two a month. I kinda got outta hand this October as I drop a total ten bucks over the month on playing the numbers. 

I'd rather be not out of the ten bucks but what's two bucks a shot on a dream, right? 

Often on time or two a week I am at the Circle K down the road from my house, I end up being behind a lady in her eighties who likes to read off her numbers to who is ever behind the counter. Since we seem to be in the store at the same time, we've come to this agreement. She knows I am on my way to work, so she often lets me go in front of her so I can be on my way.

I was behind her the other day and she turned to me, waving a 3x5in spiral notebooks and looking into my eyes. "Do you know what this is?"

"You keep notes in it, right?"

"Yes." she darted back in a much exasperated tone. "What kind of notebook?"

"A dream book?"

I've seen my share of them. My grandma kept one. All her friends at the plant where they made luggage racks for GM all kept one.

The Dream book is pretty much where you write down combinations of numbers that may feel lucky. the come in different forms, sizes and schemes.  Most prosperity churches run some sort of elaborate and convoluted merchandising racket based on the dream book model. They're just keeping in the tradition of the old radio barkers of "the lord". It's an easier, flashier swindle nowadays but snake oil is still the same formula.

We were both masked but her eyes gave away a friendly smile. She knew I understood. In a confiding tone, she said "Don't ever keep one of these. It's a bad, bad habit. It's made me grow too old too soon and I gotta plan for my funeral."

"M'am, you are far too feisty to worry about that for quite a long time." 

"Your funeral is the last time the people alive you still like will still be around" she pointed her finger at me and looked me straight and sternly into my eyes. "Give them AND only them good last memories. Remember that."

Duly noted, m'am. duly noted

What you'll hear

The Fall – Don’t Call Me Darling
Worm Reducer – I Don’t Let You Down
GG King – Melt On You
BANGZZ – I’m Fine Thank You and You
-words from your host-
Smirk – Minuscule Amounts
Bob – Thomas Edison
Rolltreppe – Kuhltransporter
Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons – LA County Critters
-words from your host-
Hue Blanc’s Joyless Ones – Breakfast In The Afternoon
Drag Sounds – Blessed Style
Shop Regulars – Put Those Things Away
Terminal Babilonia – Thundra Is Coming
-words from your host-
Meatbodies – Reach For The Sunn
Obnox – Molecule
Hawkwind – Brainbox Pollution
Strapping Fieldhands – The Hand That Plays Calliope 
-words from your host-
Men & Health – Planet Made Of You
The Ruins – Take My Love and Shove It Up Your Heart
Doms – Model Head
Chubby Checker – My Mind Comes From A High Place 
-words from your host-

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