Smashin' Transistors 83: Take Your Shirt Off And Throw It In The Pool

After well over a year, the pool in my complex finally reopened about a month back. I sing the title of this episode of Smashin' Transistors to the tune of Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love every time I amble down to it.

The pool is where I've been spending a lot of my limited free time since. I attempted to work on this episode a few times poolside but someone would always ask me if I was recording a podcast. And is a true-crime podcast.

"Maybe true crimes against music" I've replied winkingly.

I also told someone I am doing a podcast where I am breaking down the Monkees Pool It album, dedicating an episode to every song on the album. But that would mean I'd have to listen to the whole album. I heard it enough at a place I was working when it came out. The people in charge of the stereo were really into that and Aerosmith's Permanent Vacation. I lived my true crimes against music already, man!

The thing is though, I am hanging out at the pool to be in the pool. Y'know, being like Mick Jagger in the jam Summer Romance or something. Not working on a podcast. For those who were on the edge of their seat waiting for the next Smashin' Transistors transmission, I apologize if you completely fell off the chair waiting.

What you'll hear:

Jesse Floyd – Satan’s Wife 
Birds Of Maya – Please Come In 
Crash The Superyacht – Summer Solstice 
Vintage Crop- No Praise 
-words from your host- 
Pale Horsey – Overlord 
A Place To Bury Strangers – End of The Night 
Spider Bags – Long White Desert Rose 
-words from your host- 
Adam Pettis – Dark Road 
Violent Change – Open Space 
Rolling Stones – Moonlight Mile 
Eric Nervous - Motivation 
-words from your host
Lysol – Can’t Win 
Mononegatives – Deep Pockets 
Dirtbombs – Alleys Of Your Mind 
Mesh- Traveler 
-words from your host- 
Virvon Varvon – Nothing To Prove 
The Freakees – The Middle 
Strapping Fieldhands – Why Did You Fly 
Tom T. Hall – That’s How I Got To Memphis
-words from your host-

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