Smashin' Transistors 82: How To Start The Next Dance Craze?

Starting the next dance craze is not an easy task. I looked into it and studied all the angles. My spirit got broken though after many friends pointed out that though my intentions of making one happen may be pure, eventually, the line dance crowd would appropriate it.

"Wait. People still line dance?"

"Yes," I was informed. "And now they do it to Kid Rock."

That killed whatever idea I had for trying to get a new dance craze starting right then and there.

What You'll Hear:

The Split Ends – Rich With Nothing 
Body Shop – Elevator 
Fire Engines – Everything’s Roses 
Nick & the Nod – Com ID 
-words from your host- 
Mini Skirt – With Your Hands 
Toby King – Itch & Scratch 
Tin Foil – Power Pointer 
Can Kicker – Desire 
-words from your host- 
Leopardo – Tell Me 
Bangzz – Love 
Dream Syndicate – Some Kinda Itch 
Blowers – Exterminate 
-words from your host-
Chemical Bank - The Inconsistent 
Isaiah Owens – If It Wasn’t For The Lord 
Red Krayola – Green Of My Pants 
The Scientists – Naysayer 
-words from your host-
OK Satan – I Don’t Care 
M.A.Z.E. – Spread The Disease 
Germ House – Bottled At The Source 
Clock DVA – Relentless 
-words from your host-

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