Smashin' Transistors 81: Dankness on The Edge Of Town

If a craft brewery was ran by hardcore Springsteen enthusiasts, you know they'd make an IPA called Dankness On The Edge of Town. The bigger question though is if they're torn between naming their Mexican lager Rosalita or saving it for the Sangria flavored hard cider they are working on. 

Are they thinking of making a sour called Gose It All Night? 

During the Christmas season, would you be game to try their peppermint stout called Candy's Room? 

Also, if they brew one called JungleLambic are the raspberries REALLY were grown underneath that giant Exxon sign that brings this fair city light?

What you'll hear

Let’s Active – Ornamental
Kneeling In Piss – I Love My Echo Chamber
Fun Time Objects – Bug Eyed
Mary Bell – Some Friendships Are Meant To End
-words from your host-
Worm Reducer – The One To Me
Mononegatives – Today’s Adult
Country Teasers – Mosquito
Hue Blanc’s Joyless Ones – With All Due Respect
-words from your host-
Christopher Alan Durham – Gratiot Crawl
Stereolab – Stomach Worm
Mdou Moctar – Taliat
Print Head – Crushin’ Memories
-words from your host-
Lousy Sue – Damaged
The Sueves – Stare
Chuck Bernard – Send For Me
Rexxx- Lost Cause
-words from your host-
Qlowski – All Good
Iceage – Dear Saint Cecilia 
Personality Cult – Brazen
Magazine- Believe That I Understand
-words from your host-

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