The Return of Bancroft Records

I'm elated, excited, stoked and jazzed to be reawakening my label Bancroft Records after a decade of it sleeping. The first in the pipeline is an LP from Zurich Cloud Motors.

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island (and parts beyond), Zurich Cloud Motors whirl, rattle sway and sear. If you're a fan of the Swell Maps, the first few Roxy Music albums, the Scientists and Chrome, take that sound and then run a dulcet toned belt sander making harmony with it. 

The album is getting its final touches done to it now but the band has already got a video for a song from it with "Worry About The Hubcaps Later."

Following a ton of cassette and digital releases now, this will be the first thing from the band to appear on vinyl. Look for it in the summer. While you wait for that, find previous Zurich Cloud Motors releases over at their Bandcamp page and check them out on Instagram.

Also out on Bancroft Records in 2021 is a new LP from Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones. This'll be the first album from this Wisconsin band since 2016's Stoning Josephine.

Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones.
Photo by Dale Merrill. Shot at the SchwonkSoundStead in Port Huron, Michigan in 2017
Dig Neil with Crazy Horse, the Cheater Slicks, the Velvets (natch), CCR and Twin-Tone era 'Mats? Soak that in a kettle of Rhinelander Export and these are the kind of results you get. I was originally suppose to release a 7inch by them during Bancroft's first incarnation but it didn't happened due to a myriad of reasons. Feeling joyous about making a full album to happen now. It'll be out if not the same time as the Zurich Cloud Motors record, not too long afterwards. 

A Bancroft Records site to happen soon until then get more Smashin' Transistors action at