Smashin' Transistors 73: The Bacillus is Pumpkin Spiced?

Smashin' Transistors production of the foklore favorite Will-o'-the-wisp will not be heard tonight. In it's place, we present you this special program.


Tompall Glaser – Pass Me On By
No Age – Turned To String
Hobocop – Walking Around Stoned
-words from your host-
Sweeping Promises – Cross Me Out
Fun Time Objects – Autocrat Detonator
The Stroppies – Holes In Everything
-words from your host-
Brick Head – Fed Up
T. Rex – The Slider
MARV – Unruly Garden
Obnox – Avalanche Grave
-words from your host-
The Cowboy – Jellyroll
Violent Change – Dreary Example
The Leather Nun – Jesus Came Driving
DAME – Cicadas
-words from your host-
Fertile Scum – Life in Dirt
Satanic Togas – Customer Service
SPK – Contact
The Calico Wall – I’m The Living Sickness
-words from your host-

Tips are always appreciated. Especially in the currently job hunting times.

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