Smashin Transistors 70: Virtual Charcoal Briquettes

You know like how around Christmas time, people find those video loops of fireplaces or winter villages and show them on TV screens. Is there one for summer of burgers on the grill? Maybe with the sounds of people laughing and beers being open as the audio track.

Given how enough morons (following the path of their King Moron) in this country refuse to follow some simple procedures to overcome a pandemic, it may be the closest we can get to having a real backyard barbecue with friends and family for a long time.

What you'll hear:

The Parliaments – All Your Goodies Are Gone 
Royal Trux – Platinum Tips
Duende - Boss Radio
Glen Garrison – City Of Sin
-words from your host-
Primo! – The Present
Vacation – Shelled Pagan
Obnox – She (Was About That Life)
Bardo Pond – Don't Know About You
-words from your host-
CB Radio Gorgeous – Babylon
The Worms – Breeding Ground
No Age – War Dance
Writhing Squares – Sonic Control
-words from your host-
Goldie Dawn – What's Inside (Never Dies)
The Boys -  Soda Pressing
Personality Cult - Circles
The Romantics – A Night Like This
-words from your host-
Cherry Cheeks – Motivator
Neutrals – No 82
Cretin Girls – Happiness
Secret Mammals – She Likes To Run
-words from your host- 

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