Smashin' Transistors 68: Sleep on your back and ash in your shoes

Congrats to the graduated. Hang on tight. This ride keeps getting bumpier.

What you'll hear.

Blind Boy Fuller – Wires All Down
Devil – Walk Alone
Tyler Keith – Take Me Home
Cheap Trick – Stiff Competition
words from your host
Zip It – Candycorn
Guilty Razors – Hurts + Noises
Mark Vodka Group – All That You've Done For Me
Deaf Aids – Do That Again
words from your host
The Dirts – Prisoner Of Love
Simply Saucer – Electro Rock
Country Teasers – Points Of View
Zurich Cloud Motors – Sunrise Over Milepost 327
words from your host
Hallelujah – Pink Socks
Nazis From Mars – Cosmic Break Up
Datenight – Not Myself Today
Pat and the Pissers – Operator
words from your host
The Worms –  Bad Smell
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Nicotine Stain
The Drags – No Matter What Shape (Your Head Is In)
The Pretty Things – Midnight to Six Man
words from your host 

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