Smashin' Transistors 65: I was into social distancing before it was cool

The world is in a emergency. The country is being led by a fraud. We're all in this together people. Try not to be a jerk.

What you'll hear:

The Mekons - I'll Have To Dance Then (On My Own)
Current Affairs – Worlds In Crisis
Florida Brothers – Chicken Bucket
Silver Apples – Gypsy Love
-words from your host-
Phone Jerks - Rubberhead
Sherwin – Elusive
Railroad Jerk – Riverboat
Knickers – Old Ladies Summer
-words from your host-
Coke Asian – City Block
Oh! Dirty Fingers – Love Trilogy
Movietone – Useless Landscape
Lavender Flu – Mow The Glass
-words from your host-
Nick Normal – Conversation Piece
Kool and the Gangbangers – Hang Up The Phone
The Mammals – Expanding Heart
Nasal Boys – Hot Love
-words from your host-
Vacation – Tricks In The Big Cat Trade
Laffing Gas – On Your Own
Resource Network – Fast Fashion
Throbbing Gristle – Convincing People
-words from your host-

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