POWER "The Fool" 7inch

Mullets. Even though they're back (and from what I gather not in even a semi-ironic way in most cases) it seems they never really went away in Australia.

I have never seen a photo of Melbourne band Power so I can't confirm if any of them sport a mullet but if even one of them does, I assume that it is a greasy, burly and flowing one worn loud and proud. A visual of such comes right into focus while this latest single from 'em rotates across the turntable. "The Fool" smashes all three Stooges against a brick wall and marvels at the carnage. They then chug a quart of used motor oil each as a toast in congratulations.

Teetering between a seedy brown weed smoking boogie and a post-apocalyptic dirtbag brawl conceived in the NWOHM era, "Give It All To Me" is all about getting some hot but crazy witches to perform all kindsa weird hexes.

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