CIVIC Selling Sucking Blackmail Bribes 7inch

Sure, it may seem like it's guitars, drums and microphones that Aussie band Civic are equipped with but honestly, I do believe they're actually hoses and other spraying devices with some type of greasy and rancid liquid that they're actually wielding and what is on record is the sound they make when expelling such a substance towards the listener.

When knuckles go from dragging to swinging fiercely, breaking bones and blackening eyes are the same sort of moments that "Sell Sucking Blackmail Brides" encapsulates with it's left and right hooks. Meat-fisted jabs of punked-up RAWK jarring the skull and jaw while the evilest sort of James Williamson guitar worship sprays caustic fuzz causing an immediate burning and blistering on contact.

It's flips title, "Velvet Casino", reminds me of the name of really seedy shake joint I chose to never venture inside of even in my most daring of years. If the place's interior resembled anything close to this track, it would mean all surfaces would feel like they were polished with beef fat and the "entertainments" main focus would not be to titillate but to rile up and convince to bring chainsaws to a biker rumble.

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