PLEATHER Wasting Time with Riot 7inch

I have no idea about what is going on in the small town of Hattiesburg, Mississippi currently but whatever it is there that's getting people to start bands, I hope it continues.

First, there was Judy and the Jerks, whose spazzy take on pogo punk blasts in, blindsides everyone and is outta there just as quick, leaving all sorts of smashed up things behind as a souvenir.

While definitely sounding like they're not afraid to make a mess themselves, Pleather sound quite bubbly on the surface. As "Wasting Time" shows though is that there's something agitated and skittish bubbling up from outta the dirt.

Sparkling blares of guitar pop but of an atypical sort for sure. Like shards of glass inside a chewy bit of bubblegum, "Riot" resembles something like Nikki Corvette singing on the first Wire album.

Don't call it Vegan Leather at Feral Kid Records

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