ALUMINUM KNOT EYE Neutered and Declawed 7inch

While recently thumbing through a clutch of old music magazines, I noticed that before punk rock became standard in the vernacular, rock crits seemed big on tagging things loud and weird metal with some sort of precursing adjective to go with it.

Hawkwind was "cosmic metal." Alice Cooper "shock metal." And so on. One I noticed over several different publications was the use of Dada-Metal being applied to bands such as Chrome, MX-80 and Red Transistor. Often absurd, usually abrasive and archaically futuristic, it worked as good descriptor for them.

It also kind of works when it's pinned on Wisconsin's Aluminun Knot Eye. AKE's sound has always been a tricky one describe. Take elements from all the bands mentioned in the previous paragraph and drag them out to a garage with a lot of oil stains on the floor. Then throw all those elements on that floor and start stomping on them while playing some bent all outta shape psych-blues scowl and thinking about Devo. Yeah, that sorta coming closer to describing their sound than maybe Dada-Metal does.

Both sides of this feline theme slab have a ferocious pounce. "Neutered and Declawed" is like an even more aberrant Laughing Hyenas getting jollies from topsy-turviness and the flip takes the old Dutch glam ranter "Pantherman" and straps it into the driver seat of an out of control concrete truck.
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prunalogsusan said…
Holy crap! Thanks so much for the kind words. For REAL, you rule! <3 timT