Film Photo Friday No. 5: Orange's Yellow

This guy was lingering around our neighborhood for a few weeks. We could not take him in (we have three already and have plans in gear to move out of the state in the not too distant future. Finding a place to rent having three cats will probably be tricky enough. I imagine four would be a deal breaker for most landlords) but he was obviously someone's pet at one time. He was a super nice dude who loved to be sociable so we made sure to put food and water out for him on the porch and kept used to being around some friendly humans.

We did not see him for a couple of days so we figured he moved on. Then he showed back up and was roughed up and injured. We were not in a situation to help a stray out ourselves so I made a few calls to people who could. A rescue lady pulled some strings to get him into the county funded shelter even though they were full. She told me the shelter was now a no-kill and he would receive the best care available.

He is now better and up for adoption at the shelter. He will make someone an awesome friend.

A double exposure shot on a Lomography LaSardina using LomographyXpro 200 35mm film.

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