Jun 30, 2019

Smashin' Podsistors 52: Crawl right through your mind

Summertime and the, ummm, grass is longer. The snakes are more active because of it. Be sure to have a hammer and a jackknife handy at all times.

What you'll hear:
Squirrel Bait – Sun God
Protruders – Tax 101
Nots – Built Environment
Franky Shampoo and the City Creatures - Talk To Me
Major Stars – Out In The Light
-words from your host-
Straight Arrows - 21st Century
Lassie – Go West
Prince – Manic Monday
M.A.Z.E. - Human Brain
Eric Nervous and the Beta Blockers – Nailed To The Wall
-words from your host-
Aborted Tortoise – 20 XX
The Zits – Can't Get Smart
Primitiv Parts – bad vibes
Ice Baths – Auster
Salem 66 – Across The Sea
-words from your host-
Pinch Points – Spelt Out
Petite League – New York Girls
The Lice – So Bourgeois
Rose City Band – Fear Song
Radio Birdman - Snake
-words from your host-

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

First heard Birdman almost 40 years ago when an Aussie I met in Washington Square played me that first EP. Now I've got all the Birdman and most of the New Cheats. Still looking for the Visitors