For longtime soldiers in the vinyl trenches and especially those that were there during the subterranean boom punk rock 7inch releases of the 1990's, the split single can be a contentious topic.

Most of such hubbub about them though seems to be just vinyl dorky nitpicking. One reason though that does seem to be legit is how diametrically opposed the band on one side can be to another musically. I'm all for variety and diversity but I know a few split singles taking up space on my shelves where one side has something making the record worth keeping around but the other causes me much chagrin to even acknowledge.

That is not the case with this split between Philadelphia's Trash Knife and Dumb Vision outta Madison, Wisconsin. Both bands have an affection for making it all raw and bloody.

The former makes a beastly racket that's like cramming the Avengers song in an M-80 tube shell and making a fuse out of a Jay Reatard spazz fit to detonate it. Hardcore in a sense that it's insolated and antagonizing but would rather go smash up beer bottles on a street corner than go lift weights.

The latter is a bit more poppy but also absolutely boozy and sloppy in the frayed flannel Midwest punk rock-n-roll kinda way. They're most likely the ones who knocked back the beer bottles contents before handing them over to Trash Knife to break.

Both bands crank out three tracks on their chunk of 7inch plastic. Neither waste a second on noodling or getting frilly. The light turns green and they both floor it.
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