COUNTER INTUITS "Vietnamese Lighter" 7inch

If I was asked to pick my most favorite song off Counter Intuits last album, Monosyllabilly, I'd have a rough time narrowing it down to just one. I hope no one asks me which side of this new single by 'em is my favorite because I will have just as hard of a time choosing one over the other.

Comprised of Columbus, Ohio weird punk legend Ron House (Great Plains, Ego Summit and, of course, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments) and Jared Phillips of semi-legendary no-fi debased pop noisesters Times New Viking, the duo has an aptness of creating something both melodic yet discomforting and simplistic yet puzzling.

Incorporating tones and clanks that may or may not be played on perversely tuned lutes and other corrupted ancient instruments, "Vietnamese Lighter" resembles a Far Eastern fever dream involving a tsunami. Some sounds swirl in unearthly patterns emitting things that might be observed as hi-brow by a particular crowd while others bash as out a buzz that's akin to primate preformed garage rock to keep everything in check. Standing in the eye of this storm is Ron, who in a creaky tone spins a tale about a nefarious river excursion.

Flipping the record takes the flipside analogy practically literally because "Edge" sounds practically straightforward and normal in comparison. Of course, in the world of the Counter Intuits, words like straightforward and normal are relative. To these ears, it sounds like a rock anthem.

A bashed to bits rock anthem found under a bunch of coil springs that are being eaten every second by midwest rust but a rock anthem none the less.
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