ANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS Kill The Comma 7inch

Andy Human is one of those kinds of guys where you almost need to keep a spreadsheet on to track the projects he has going on. I mean, right at this very moment, it seems that he has three active bands; the World, Beatniks and of course the one that carries his name. All three bands stand under a punk rock umbrella but each of those umbrellas is a different shape and color.

This latest offering from him and his Reptoids, "Kill The Comma" is an umbrella bent all out of shape. And it's colors are monochromatic at the base but splattered and splayed with dayglo slime green freshly opened wound red. A tempo that is all bent out of shape and everything around squiggles into some kind of funky sleazed agit-punk thang that can cause snapped vertebrates if danced too rapaciously to.

Speaking of dancing, I don't know if there's any place to find all the proper steps to "Do The Mole" or, if as a dance craze, it will even catch on but with its snarly sax, rattly one note piano bwaaank and proto-punk guitar grind, it could very well become a sensation in dingy taverns with stellar jukeboxes and seediest cast of regulars any given town always tries to disown.

Get your mitts on a copy over at Emotional Response.