Apr 19, 2016

SPACIN' Total Freedom LP

Photo via amplitude-photography.blogspot.com
     If the Birds Of Maya are suppose to be the soundtrack for cosmic bikers to rumble in deep space zero gravity then Spacin', the offshoot combo headed up by the band's Jason Killinger, is an invitation to invite all their space' rockin' mamas to come out and boogie in a bean field while they're away.
     Moments of Spacin's first album, 2012's Deep Thuds, had a chug and choogle that would keep on' truckin' til it hit walls of squishy weirdness. There's a lot of that going on for this go-round too the hash laced brownie backbone slippin' gets a bit groovier than before while some bits of oddness get, well, odder.
     The album's opener, "Over Uneasy", is like waking up feeling hazy & grumpy but then stepping outside into a nice day. The snare snap sets a pace for walking around the neighborhood, while the fuzzy blurting of mid 70's van rockin' guitars shine down like a more than welcomed sun. It builds up like taking in the colors and smells of spring. It feels narcotic. So much so that no one at first notices the weird blistering that's caused half way through from the guitars excreting a pestilential ooze of bent notes and fried tones.
     One thing that keeps rolling through my head while the record spins is the whole "If you like ________ and __________, you'll dig Spacin'. Something like "Titchy" and the album's title track are like CCR realizing they aren't from the swamp so they score some mushrooms and go hang out at the go-kart track crossed with the Velvet Underground's Loaded if it was dressed in cut off jean shorts and hanging out at the beach. Space(man 3) expeditions are taken on "Batfolk" and "US Ruse." The former a clattery launch piloted by a goth/garage blaaaang. The latter does a epic motorik orbit around the moon gaining inertia every time it passes.
     Not every trip on here are fuel assisted though. There's the strobe light flashing midnight walk through some south Asian market square that's "Stopping Them" and "Bent Into Shape" which sounds like how it feels to walk through a foggy woods with squishy, mossy ground beneath your feet. 

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