Photo via Wolfmanhattan Twitter page
     Mick Collins, Kid Congo Powers and Bob Bert. All three of them noted for their work as superheroes of freaky dirt sounds, champions of weirdo swamp blues and purveyors of cavemen grind.
     So what happens when you get the trio in a room together? Well, the a-side "Smells Like You" is early 70's Stones sway broken down and busted, Mick laying down some primitive soul pleading, a guitar solo that is set to a sear than sizzle  and a beat that's like three funky drummers playing at once.
     "You Are My Glue" sparse and seething and sleaze provides a backdrop for Kid Congo to sound like a Latino vampire reminiscing about lost loves while sitting in a smoked filled porn theater booth.
     No matter which side you go for first, both are neon illuminated with an antediluvian blaaaang one would imagine from cats that were guitar players in the Gories and the Gun Club and the guy that battered the skins on some early Sonic Youth records and in the Chrome Cranks. The thing is now though is it's not imagined. It's real life.