¡Vamanos! "Presents​.​.​.​A Ten Inch at 45 Rpms" 10inch

Photo via Connor Lawson
     Duo's playing blues'd out, fuzzed up, bashed around punk rock-n-roll ain't nothing new. And these two long haired, New York City reprobates know they're not playing the kind of music that's done at a "performance space" or some art installation in front of metrosexual lumberjacks sipping hibiscus bourbon cocktails. There's no trumpets or tape loops. No banjos. No ballads. If you were to tell them there's some space out back to set up after sweetening the deal with a suitcase of Shaefer tough, they'd rock all the garage can diving alley cats til the cops show up.
     The guitar strings sound deep fried and the drums crack like they're shooting the curl with a bolt action rifle after doing some bong hits while listening to Davie Allan on the instrumentals "Mersch Bag" and "Chicken and Waffles." Meanwhile "Beat", with its let's do a blues shuffle in a chicken coop that's knee deep in mud 'tude, and "Dreamin'", which sounds like Blue Cheer and the Immortal Lee County Killers starting a fist fight over by the fryers, the yelps plead in sloshed desperation. Get in the car and turn up "Jackie O"  and drive fast. When I say turn it up, I mean loud enough to drown out the police sirens that are chasing your car once you put the hammer down caused from cranking the song up.
      ¡Vamanos! know they aren't reinventing the wheel. They don't care either. They just wanna stomp and holler and whoop and shout. That and, well, who's got the to figure out what cheap pizza toppings go well with a hibiscus bourbon cocktail anyway  when there's rockin' to be done?