HALLELUJAH! s/t 12inch EP

     The volume on my stereo was cranked up pretty high because I just got done blasting something else out. I wasn't paying attention how high though. I dropped the needle on this record and it probably looked like a scene for a cartoon. My hair blowing back from the sheer volume. Hell, my entire face being blown to the back of my skull even.
     Dealing in obnoxious feedback laden, blood splattered assaults, this Verona, Italy combo like to make things super, super loud and really, really ugly! From the first searing screeches and hollering of the song that bares the same namesake as the band it is made clear that they are wielding an aural circular saw their bound and determined to use it to lob off some craniums.
     Some songs here, such as the blink and you'll miss it "Homo" and the repeatedly barreling head first into a wall of flames pace of "Red Mestro", veer towards freakcore that boil with tension til they blow their stack. Others, like the "Power Of Cin" barrels like an engulfed in flames 18-wheeler flattening everything in it's path and "Space" debunks any theory that the galaxies black hole are not silent at all but are full of brain hungry galactic beasts.