LIME CRUSH "Graveyard" 7inch EP

     In a post everything world where it is said everything musical has been done it is now a great trick to find a sweet spot between a sundry of sounds.
     For Vienna, Austria's Lime Crush that place isn't sitting by Franz Schubert under a blanket of snow with a plate Wiener Schnitzel and wondering what the hell Midge Ure was going on about in the song pretty much nicked from the Walker Brothers and named after the town they live in. Instead, the band extols the virtues of ramshackle DIY and what can be done with it if some sparkles are added.
     Leading off with "Graveyard", vexatious guitars scratch until they bleed over a bouncing beat while female vox sounds awkward but sure of the intent of making the point they set out to do. Next, "Baby" starts out sounding like it is going to follow some sunshine of 60s garage pop but quickly decides to turn off on a much more bumpier path that bands like Kleenex traveled often. Things wrap up with "Honk Honk." Not wrapped quite tightly though as it's very jittery spoonful of stops and starts that, even though it sounds like pieces are peeling off it in big chunks, it reaches it's destination.