May 7, 2015

HEATERS "Mean Green" 7inch

Photo by shuttersam
     Night swimming at the lake. It's frowned upon by summer downers and fun governors due to its potential dangers. After a long day of toiling in the humidity that can dampens everything a person owns in the Great Lakes State during the summertime though those warnings are ignored. The moon light sparkling off the lake that gives off a shimmering liquid light show that only Mother Nature can produce. Cooling off the body and mind, washing away the grit that has caked both throughout the day. Many who grew up near the lakes know will take that over any warning of risks.
     The a-side of the latest record by Grand Rapids band Heaters, "Mean Green", is like a soundtrack for night swimming right before a thunderstorm rolls in. A driving surf beat agitates the motion of the water while a lustrous guitar chug joins in with a force that pushes the waves to go higher and higher and gracefully crash against the pebbles on the shore. The mashed together vocals of Andrew and Nolan echo in the distance like a calling from the beach that the weather is getting gonna get rougher but bounce and thrashing of water has become exhilarating and the risk addicting.
     It seems, at first, the storm is subsiding on the b-side's "Levitate Thigh." A trippy surf guitar line ripples along the shoreline over a easy going and hazy skip of a rhythm. Then the wind picks up and lightning throws a blinding flash in the night sky while puncturing the water. A waterspout forms and pulls everything into a whirling vortex of a violent sound storm.
     Night swimming, man. Perhaps it IS best not to do it alone.

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